In 1989 Bob Jones designed the Teal Type 59, based on the delightful Bugatti Type 59 Grand Prix, of which Ettore Bugatti built six between 1934-1936. The Teal Type 59 was further developed in the early 1990s by Bob Jones and Bob Lewis of Projects of Distinction fame (who also built many of the component units of the Teal Type 35, notably about 130 of the elegant and widely-admired stainless steel external handbrakes). Mike Birch was also involved, particularly in marketing and demonstrating the Type 59 on stands at car shows; Mike still had his own rare Teal Type 59 eighteen years later, but it has now moved on. In all thirteen Teal Type 59s were built. Bob Jones has sent photos of building the first Teal Type 59 in 1990,at Broadheath, Altrincham, and testing subsequent T59 cars. See bottom of page for Type 59 replica (GPB59) being built in 2009, but Ted Riley has now moved to Scotland, and drives his Type 59/GPB but it is believed is no longer building new ones.

The birth of the Type 59

Type 59 No1 Front Suspension

Type 59 No1 double bulkhead (as in Bugatti Type 59)

T59 Front Suspension

T59 No 3 with distinctive wings, T43 beyond

Teal Type 59 and its creator, Bob Jones

T59 in workshop at Broadheath; 4-seater Teal seat in foreground (made by Teal)

T59 No 4 – Jaguar straight six 4.2litre

Type 59 No 3 Final Assembly at Broadheath 1991. Number 3 was built for Karl Nicholson as soon as he sold his Daytona Spyder.

Bob Jones’ son Philip helped at many shows, particularly as final polisher before the paying customers arrived…note Type 52s on the right.

First flight of the first Teal T59

Kicking Up Dust – Bob tests the first T59 cross-country

Test Run – Teal T59 No 1

How Bob Jones lost his hair. The Teal Type 59 was (and is) a very fast car(see Spec below); the need was to find a way to brake it effectively. We are reminded of Ettore Bugatti’s famous line: ‘ my cars are made to go, not to stop.’

On the way to deliver Teal T59 No1 – Paddy O’Brien’s T35 behind

Teal Type 59 in repose  

 For sale 2/6/2022 at Brightwells Auctioneers.

Teal Type 59 at rest.  For sale 2/6/2022 at Brightwells Auctioneers.

1990 – Bob Jones delivers Teal Type 59 No 1 to Graham Hinckley


The Teal Type 59 is 160 inches long overall by 59 inches wide by only 47 inches high; the cockpit width is a narrow 31 inches, and the Type 59 weighed 17 cwt. The Jaguar 4.2 litre XJ6 engine has a compression ratio of 8.4:1, is fed by Twin SUs, and develops 210 brake horse power, giving a maximum top speed claimed for the Type 59 Teal of 143 mph on its Michelin Super Confort tyres of 6.0-6.5 x 18, fitted to 18-inch centre lock 60-spoke wire wheels. In 1995 the price quoted by Teal Cars for a new fully built Teal Type 59 was about �28,000.

Type 59 Replicas were still being built by TED RILEY of GPB Replicars of Staffordshire in 200 – Have a look at the excellent website at One interpretation of GPB is Grand Prix Bugatti. Ted’s cars certainly look beautiful (see below). Ted has now moved to Scotland, retains his own personal GPB59, but it is believed he is no longer building new ones.

and probably go rather well….

2/6/2022 Update on the GPB model name.   Conversation today with Bob Jones and with Ted Riley, both confirm that BobJ was using that model name for the  T59 range in the very early days. It was the initials of a proposed distributor who intended to sell the cars world wide, but fell over in the financial crash. Therefore BobJ reverted to the Teal style.



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