The small print,  there had to be some, after all !! 


For the avoidance of doubt, the term SkyBlueTeal used  hereinafter means the owners, administrators and editors of the internet websites and

->Sky BlueTeal explicitly states that the opinions and views expressed on our web site are in no way held, shared, or endorsed by the owners, editors, or administrators of skyblueteal.

->SkyBlueTeal takes care to verify that advertisements and classified listings are genuine but SkyBlueTeal takes no responsibility for the verification process of such advertisements or listings.

->Sky BlueTeal cannot further guarantee that links to third party sites or hosting’s will not contain offensive material and again does not hold, share or endorse the views or content on such third party sites.

->Sky BlueTeal will not accept any responsibility for items bought and sold through our website or indeed through third party advertisements or classified listings linked through skyblueteal.

->SkyBlueTeal in no way assumes responsibility for the privacy activities of our visitors or any third party website linked from skyblueteal.




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