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A grand day out in the Teals  –  the second part of the Teal Owners Club’s Spider Run.

Here’s what Brian Crook, the founder of these pages, had to say about it at the time.


The Teal Spider Run 2 celebrates 30 years since the first Teals went on sale in 1984. The 8-legged Spider Run rally ran from John O’Groats to Land’s End between 20 and 30 June 2014. Some 20 different Teals ( and 37 Tealers ) took part in the rally overall, with an average of about 10 Teals per leg, some leaving and some joining at each stage from JO’G – Cairngorms – Edinburgh- Lakes – York – Llangolen-Stroud/ Gloucester – Exeter – Land’s End . Lots of photos are to come for this event, which will be fully covered in our Club magazine Teal Spiel.

Worth noting that part 1 was 7 years earlier, as you can see for yourself below pages Spider Run 1 and Spider Run 2.





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