These photos of Teals on the Lakes and Scottish Borders run of 2009 were taken mainly by Iain Ramsay, to whom many thanks – it’s good to see Teals as they are meant to be – not static in a car park, but out and running in delightful,  wild  countryside….


 Neil and Annie


During 2009 Teals have been out and about all over UK and Europe in  Teal  rallies, at  Club meeetings and  car shows,  and across the Channel to Pau and the Pyreneees and to  the Bugatti Schlumpf museum.  Often we see photos of static Teals  as  the drivers meet and compare notes, but on the Teal Lakes, Borders and  Highlands Northern Run we were lucky enough to be accompanied by Iain Ramsay (Austin Healey 3000), Dave  Hamilton   (Triumph TR4A) and Steve Andrews (Trev – TVR) who drove on ahead of the group and photographed the Teals as they passed, providing a series of excellent photos of Teals in Action.  Some of these delightful images are shown here, with thanks to the Iain, Dave   and Steve  for their permission to use them.



Phil and Dot 


John and Keith in their Replicar , with Roger and Carola  in their Teal 4-seater 






Ian and Lavinia


Rupert and Jean


Ron and Sheila


Roger and Carola



Teals in the lonely borders hills  :  Neil leads the way



Iain and Steve in Iain’s lovely Austin Healey 3000


Keith, John and Replicar


Chris, Yvonne and LHD Triumph TR8


 Dave Hamilton’s lovely TR4A


Rupert and Jean
Neil Sunlit
Dot and Phil
 Ron and Sheila
Neil and   Vicki 
The sun on your back, the wind in your hair and the winding road ahead, and good company at the long day’s end…
  a  Tealer’s view


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