Bob Jones has sent the website excellent photos of building the delightful Teal Type 43 and the handsome Teal Type 44

Tim Melia and Bob Jones at work creating the Teal Type 43

Tim Melia stamping louvres for the Teal Type 43 shown behind him

Teal Type 43 shell on show stand; the Type 43 was fitted with the 1798 cc MGB engine developing around 95 brake horse power.

The finished Teal Type 43 at the Atlantic Business Centre, Broadheath -this beautiful car was built by Bob Jones for Tony Pope

Original Bugatti Type 43 for comparison

Building the Type 44 – chassis and seat

Barry Holland’s Teal Type 44 at Stoneleigh

The Teal Type 44 purchased by Barry Holland. The Type 44 is fitted with the 1993cc Ford overhead camshaft engine as used in the Ford Pinto.

Original Bugatti Type 44 for comparison with Teal (photo:G.Little)

The Teal Type 44 – the neat hindquarters

Teal Type 44 – Full Weather Gear

The delightful classic Teal Type 44 with tonneau and furled hood.

Mike Birch with his delightful Teal Type 44 in April 2009

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