The Teal Owners’ Club (TOC) is open to all owners, admirers and supporters of Teal cars. Members meet regularly throughout the year to hold rallies and cross-country trips in Britain and overseas, to attend classic car shows, car museums, autojumble and concourse events, join in picnics, lunches and dinners together across the country, share technical information on Teal cars of all types, and enjoy a fine Teal Magazine (‘TealSpiel’, packed with articles and news about Teals) four times a year. The Club and its magazine provide a cheeful and sociable forum for discussion, information, views and advertisments, and we encourage membership from both sexes (and their children)



Planned Teal Owners’ Club Events
See details in the Club Magazine, Teal Spiel


The Teal Owners’ Club at Stoneleigh


For information, or to join the Teal Owners’ Club, e-mail :

A. Membership Secretary: David Brown

or B. TOC Club Secretary: Tony Davis

or C. Club Chairman: Bob Mills




Do join us if you’re a bit crazy about Classic Cars, and Teals in particular – you’ll find you fit in rather well!


The aim of the Teal Owners’ Club is to enhance the enjoyment of owning and using Members’ cars. This will be achieved as a result of the social activities provided by the Committee and the Members, together with a reasonable level of technical support.


Teal Owners’ Club members at the Knowsley Show




John Elwell, who founded The Teal Owners’ Club in 1988 with his wife Pat; she is now the chairman of the TOC, and their daughter Suzi edits the Club magazine Teal Spiel

below: John Elwell wins in his Teal on Track Day



Teal Owners’ Club Membership Benefits:

* Four x 36-page colour Teal Spiel magazines a year, packed with news, info, photos and advice on Teals.
* The right to take part in at least six Teal car meetings/rallies each year, if they can be run
* The right to Technical Advice from Teal Marque experts such as Keith, Bob, Ron, Neil, Andy, David and more.
* The right to Teal enamel car badges, lapel pins, clothing badges, etc
* Access to  up to 90Tealers who drive cars very similar to yours, and are always willing to talk and advise.
* Access to the email addresses of up to 50 Tealers who are available to advise locally, nationally or internationally.
* The right to join the Teal pre-season get together weekend, and also the end of season lunch weekend as full members.
* The happy company of scores of like-minded folk who can help, advise, banter, suggest, drive and laugh with you while enjoying our lovely Teal sports and touring cars.


Teal Owners’ Club Lakes and Borders Run, Scotland
“The sun on your back, the wind in your hair, the winding road ahead, and good company at the long day’s end – all’s well with the world.”



More About The Teal Owners’ Club:





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