These cars have previously  been Teals of the Week Nos 81-100 on Page 1 of the website from January 2014 onwards…

I only have this one photo of Nick Mansell from Berkshire’s Teal Type 35 boat-tail, but it’s a cracker;  in 2010 Nick decided that black stove-enamelled and treated wheels from Motor Wheel Services near Slough would provide a more authentic 1920s/30s look on his Teal, and I believe he was spot on (though it cost a small fortune).   Compare, for instance, this Bugatti Type 37 below with rather similar wheels:
There’s only one other Teal I know that has black wheels, that of Ron Arnold,  below:
Do you know of any other Teals with black wire wheels?  If so, please send us a photo.  Thanks.
Update: 4Jan14 – There are at least two other Teals with black wire wheels – Hans van Dyck’s beauty below (see TOW No  63) and the Tom’s snowy Teal Type 35 from Germany – Teal of the Week No 82 coming up…
TEAL OF THE WEEK No 82 – The Snow Queen
A couple of years ago Tom from Germany sent me some photos of his lovely Teal, which he was planning to sell.  Here she is:
Isn’t the Snow Queen  attractive?  Tom was preparing to sell her for Euros 29,000.   Does anyone know who is  the new owner of this sporting Teal?

Note .   Andrew Halls has been in touch (January 2016) via the SkyBlueTeal Discussion Forum .  He sold TOW No 77 to Germany, and it is the same  Teal as  this TOW No 82,  looking totally different.   The car appears to have been sold again by Tom, and is also, Andrew believes, TOW No 132!   I will keep the numbers as they are to avoid confusion (mine!). Thank you, Andrew – she’s a delightful beauty.




 Teal of  The Week  No 82 (Continued)  The Teal below once featured as Teal of the Week No 88, but several keen-eyed Tealers pointed out that this is surely TOW No 82, for sale in 2012 by Tom  for Euros 29,000, re-branded as a Teal Bugatti racer and now for sale (Jan 2014) for Euros 64,900.  And so it is.  It’s a striking car.
This lovely-looking Teal popped up yesterday (27.1.14) for sale in Aachen, Germany.  She appears to be a standard late 80s/early 90s Teal Type 35 boat-tail, shorn of mudguards and spare wheel,  with black wire wheels,  and has been  given the effective image of a Type 35 racer. She’s done 32,000 km, and has engine power of 100KW (136ps)  Perhaps someone could translate this into bhp?  I don’t have a photo of the engine.  She’s for sale at 64,900 Euros (£56,000) at
This garage is called  ‘All You Can Drive ‘ at Julicher Strasse 252a, 52070 Aachen, Germany
PS: Comments by wise Tealers:
Power  is  about 134 bhp
Engine is probably Triumph six cylinders/2500cc as TR6 – note twin SUs
Suspension may have been lowered
A couple of months ago on Ebay this early Teal Type 35 popped up, owned by Peter of Accrington, Lancashire, who used it for his wedding.  Peter has owned this Teal for seven years… 
…This wasn’t a Teal known to many Club members, so a little bit of a surprise; but all over UK and the Continent such happy surprises are occurring ,  as Teals emerge  to give pleasure to new owners.  She’s for sale (Offers on £16,500) now (14Jan14) on:
TEAL OF THE WEEK – No 84 – Goodwood
At Goodwood in 2008 I noticed this fine dark blue Teal Type 35….
and the dark beauty was there again in 2011, snapped by another Tealer…
This is a very lovely and attractive Teal, which I feel I  ought to  know, but don’t;  can anyone educate me  – do you   know the car and the owner of this handsome Type 35 boat-tail, Teal of the Week No 84, with an unusual Teal radiator badge and large Teal art deco badge above the numberplate?
PostScript:  The Club Secretary, Andy Dutton, remembers seeing this handsome Teal being constructed in the Barrow-in-Furness area in 1998 by Colin McIntyre , guided by Ian Foster.   The Type 35 was for sale in 2006/7 issues of Teal Spiel, advertised as having a 6C/2000 Triumph engine with electronic ignition, exchange Rimmer gear box with overdrive, and  a stainless steel exhaust .  The body panel fitting, running gear set up and wiring were supervised or done by Ian Foster; this must have been one of the last Teals on which he worked.
This is how Roger Watton of Dorset’s Teal looked when he picked it up in 2009 after a previous owner’s  part-build,  and then  left 14 years in a garden  in the open air. Quite a challenge, but….
…this is how she looks today – a transformation indeed by Roger to bring this lovely Teal up to standard and back on the road;  the simple, clean lines are most attractive.   Roger’s Teal Type 35 two-seater is fitted with the 1800cc BMC engine – and I like the numberplate (below) – I’ve asked  Roger if his middle name’s Don…
TEALS OF THE WEEK No. 86 and No. 87
VLN435 or XLN43S
A few years ago a chap from France contacted the website  saying that this Teal had been abandoned in France, and could we get him a new log book for it; sadly the answer was no, as the circumstances seemed complicated to say the least.   But she’s a pretty Teal, TOW No 86,  Do you know her, or that number plate  XLN43S? 
Then a couple of years ago this Teal (TOW No 87) popped up in France for sale:
She’s another (at least I think she’s another – could it be the same car as TOW86 above?) attractive Teal Type 35;  the habit of running without mudguards seems rather popular on the continent (see TOW 82 in Germany, for instance) .  This car appeared for sale in France, but is that a Dutch registration number?  The asking price for TOW No 87 was  Euros 38,900 two years ago…
(I have no photos taken from the front of this Teal)
(NB: This Teal replaces the former TOW No 88, which turned out to be the same car as TOW 82, two years later and double the price.  See TOW No 82)
Bob Drewatt of Walingford photographed in his Teal on the M40 in Oxfordshire, looking very happy with his lovely Type 35.   Below Bob joins Tealers at Stoneleigh for the Teal Owners’ Club annual get together a few years ago…
Paddy O’Brien is a friend of Bob Jones, and lives very close to him near Manchester; in the 80s and 90s Paddy was Bob Jones test and demonstation driver for Teal Cars at shows, exhibitions and from the small Teal ‘factory’, showing potential buyers the beauty of the Teal and its handling capabilities on the road.  Often Bob Jones would be seen driving Paddy’s Teal, and vice-versa…. Our Club secretary Andy Dutton recalls vividly being given a demo run in Paddy’s Teal  before picking up his Teal chassis from Bob Jones under the arches  in 1992 (below)… Andy’s build became the beautiful and powerful ‘La Tecla’ of Le Mans, Angouleme and Molsheim (see Teal of the Week No 3)
More photos of Paddy’s demonstrator Teal:
Bob Jones in Paddy’s Teal at a car show ( and  sales opportunity).
Paddy’s Teal in the scoop, and Bob Jones posing….
This website is greatly indebted to Bob Jones and to Paddy O’Brien for sending us many  photos of early Teal activity from 1986, including photos of the six different locations of Teal Cars around north and west Manchester, early Teals being built in the ‘factory’, including the first aluminium Teal Type 35s, the Teal four-seaters, the Types 43, 44, 52 and Type 59s, test runs, car shows and exhibitions right up to 1998.  These photos are found throughout the website, but particularly on Pages 2, 4, 5, 6, 7  and 8.  Thank you Bob, Paddy and other skilled engineers (see Teal History pages) for all the pleasure you have given Tealers down many years through the creation  of these lovely sports and touring cars.
This lovely but unusual Teal Type 35 boat tail was spotted near Tunbridge Wells, Kent in June 2013.   Why unusual?  Let me add a few more photos – although you’ve probably spotted it already…
You’re right, there are at least two unusual aspects to this Teal.  First in the photo above the exhaust appears to come out over the rear axle,  as Andy Dutton pointed out.  Also in this photo and in Photo 1, there appears to be an unusual lateral chassis extension, only on the left hand side; I   wonder why?  
Comment 1: several Tealers have suggested that this is not some extension to the chassis, but a heat  shield for the exhaust pipe which exits  low down forward left and passes under the side of  the  passenger cockpit, thereby saving passengers from the risk of burns.  Thanks David, Andy and Vince.
Comment 2:  The lucky owner is Phil Calver of Sussex,  TOC member who exhibits his Teal often at the Hooe near Bexhill Old Motor Club summer meet (visited by the Tealers South East Ramble in 2010,where Tealers Rupert and Jean met up with Phil.  Thanks Rupert and Phil for the  info). 

Comment 3:  Distinguished Tealer Bob Lewis writes on 16.7.2015:  I can confirm that car of the week number 90 was built by Dennis Campbell from Yate in Somerset. I did lots of work on this car for Dennis in the very early 1990s. The outside exhaust is covered by an aluminium heat shield as suggested. I have often thought I would like to know where it is now. I have posted a photo on The Teal Owners Club Facebook page of me about to drive the car back to Yate after more cosmetic enhancement.’

  Thanks Bob!  (See above for lucky owner Phil Calver in Sussex)

ps: the numbers of Teals of the Week are  building up – 90 now – and I’ve saved a cracker for No 100!  Hope you’re enjoying our many and various Teals around Britain, Europe and the world…
TEALS OF THE WEEK 91, 92 and 93
In Germany in 2009 at least three Teal Type 35s came up for sale, two of them at Fine-Cars-Bodensee in Langenargen, southern Germany.  The first one is
This aluminium-bodied  Teal Type 35 was imported into Germany in 1996 with the UK Registration ORJ 931R. It is nicknamed The Red Baron (not to be confused with the 1987 Red Baron, Bob Mills’ 4-seater, Teal of the Week No 9).  The Teal in Germany is fitted with an MGB twin SU 1800cc engine, and the sale details are given below, going for a reasonable Euros 46,999 in 2009.
Note: this Teal sometimes has a number 7 painted on the radiator grille, and sometimes a No 4 on the bonnet and tail; same car.
The second Teal Type 35  from Fine-Cars-Bodensee in 2009 is not so cheap as The Red Baron above, and is
 Teal of The Week No 92
This aluminium-bodied Teal Type 35 for sale in Germany in 2009 is described as being in excellent condition and very fast, fitted with the Triumph 6C/2500cc engine, which may perhaps explain   the then sale price of Euros 48,999.
A third Teal for sale in 2009 in Germany is
This Teal Type 35 is an earlier car, with the smaller alloy wheels,  Registered in UK  as  EZ1974, not yet registered in Germany, but with UK VIN and engine numbers given, possibly with an 1800cc engine , only 4000 miles registered on the clock,  and one had to enquire about the price to the sellers, F. MILTZ and company.
A thought about the above three cars: if  at least three Teals were for sale in one year in Germany, and perhaps 10-15% of Teals are sold each year, how many Teals might there be on the Continent when one thinks of  France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain  and Italy as well?  Oh, and there are two Teals in Cyprus and two in Malta.   Perhaps an estimate of 50 Teals on the Continent could be on the low side.  What do you think?
The Spirit of Malvern, Teal Type 35 boat-tail RCY 37, was displayed at this car show by proud early Tealer Frank Whatley, who owned his own garage in Malvern, had previously worked for Morgan Cars, and was a first-class engineer and mechanic.  Frank and his green MG-engined Teal  were  at the early Brooklands Banking Teal  display in 1994 (see front right in photo below) alongside Andy Dutton in his then newly-built silver Type 35 (front left in photo). 
 Later Frank also built a Riley replica kit car and brought it to the Stoneleigh show, with his female partner driving his Teal.    Here’s Frank’s  fine Teal at Stoneleigh in May 2007…
Thanks to our Club Sec, Andy Dutton, as always  for this and so much more Teal  info… 
Reims in NE France, with a happy Teal ambling through the show.  We don’t know who owns her , but in France ten years ago Andy Dutton spotted a poster for a nearby show in Laon, which appears to show the same Teal starring…but the photo’s been reversed at the printers: same driver, same helmet, same goggles, but the handbrake’s on the left, as is the cockpit.







A further  Teal Type 35, has been discovered in France – and she’s an aluminium beauty… (but see below for update)













Dr David Ward, Tealologist , comments: 



‘I can see  it’s an early  chassis with a Triumph engine  (exposed Triumph gearbox), and unusually for an early car it has floor-hinged pedals.  False dumb irons also…‘ 



Update: 7th August 2015 – Andy (Hawk Eye) Dutton, Teal Owners’ Club Secretary and experienced Tealer points out that this lovely Teal looks very much like the French Teal spotted in the Laon area, noted on the Teal News 5 page of this website, and recorded as Teal of The Week No 95.  He’s correct, of course -many  thanks, Andy.




 Peter Colley from Cornwall is the lucky owner of this striking Teal with unusual weather-proof cabin of Peter’s own design and all home comforts, and is shown here and in the following photos at Lands End ready for the 2007 Spider Run Leg 1 to Glastonbury…
and at St Ives…
and finally en route in close Teal  company in 2007; it is possible that Peter Colley may be helping Tealers plan their way over an interesting route from Exeter to Land’s End during Spider Run 2 at the end of June 2014.
It’s the 25th of September 1994 in Pordenone a small town north of Venice in the foothills of the Dolomite mountains between Italy and Austria.  It’s the  start of the annual rally, and this handsome Teal and its proud owner (unnamed) are lined up ready for departure.   Is this Teal still in Italy? Keep your eyes open on your Venetian holiday, please!            Photo: Bob Jones – Thank You
This fine-looking Teal (JBU443V) has appeared for several years on internet websites, but I regret to say I don’t know who these chaps  are and where their fine boat-tail Type 35 is based.  But my ignorance will surely be corrected by Tealers out in the real world who know the car well.  Please email to update me.  Here are a few more clues: 
And here, oh my beloved, is the truth, it’s Teal Owners Club member Keith Cockrill with his extremely fine type 35,
seen here at the T.O.C. outing to Glemham Show in Autumn 2022, plus another from 2014
Sadly this pranged early Teal Type 35 boat-tail (GRP) no longer exists.  Once the property of Stuart Whitworth (back left, later the enthusiastic  owner/driver of TOW No 35 and a stalwart of the Club), it was exchanged some years ago with Mike Hall  for another Teal chassis, and has recently re-emerged as a beautifully-constructed Teal Type 43 by Mike Hall for Aaldert Postma.  This 2013 Teal  may be seen by the eleven Teal drivers and their crews heading for The Netherlands in April, and will also feature on this website in the next few months.  Note at back left also in the photo the lovely period van designed and constructed by pioneer Tealer Bob Lewis ( see TOW No 33   ).
(Lots more Teals to come)

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