Former Teal of the Week number 162

Reluctantly for sale is my very special type 35, all aluminium, 1.8 tc engine, totally rebuilt.  There is a Piper camshaft, new waterpump, new electric fuel pump, HT leads, transistor points, carb rebuilt and set up on a Dyno.    It has a new bespoke stainlesss steel exhaust made by Zero Exhausts, Kent, 5 new Avon tyres,and tubes, 4 alloy spun brakedrum covers, new improved radiator, new pair of Gaz shocks with adjustable damping.  I even sent the cockpit 12 volt clock away to a specialist in Holland  for repair, to keep all the gauges the same. All the brakes have been rebuilt with new seals, rear slave cylinders and and new pads/shoes fitted, you wont find a car in better condition or as pretty (sorry if that upsets other owners). Should also mention that it also has dummy aluminium leaf springs on the front and a dummy starting handle bar. The mudguards are also rare as the have a rib down the middle which I’ve not seen on other cars. It was dragged out of the bushes by the previous owner MRT Autos Chatham (no longer there) and had been neglected for some 15 years, the owner was retiring and needed it sold, I spent 3 years restoring it then another year refining it. It behaved perfectly on its first long journey the Caux Retro Normandy. The car was first registered in 1974 and therefore has no road tax or MOT requirements.




I am thinking in terms of £35000.00 which is what  it is worth, but might discuss.  Telephone 07724103384 or email g.veryard257@btinternet.com

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