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Reg No WSU854
Car type type35b
Colour silver
Current engine Triumph 2500
Current owner Abdi Halabi, London ??
Previous owner John Williams
Orig owner Philip Searle
Further info see below
  Former TOW 26
This delightful Teal, widely acknowledged as  one of the finest Teal Type 35s ever built, was created by Phillip Searle over several years up to 2007.  Phillip, a skilled engineer, developed Bob Jones’ design, and  used only the finest-quality parts in his Teal; he was painstaking and unhurried  in his approach in order  that each detail should be correct and of the highest quality.  This beautiful  and powerful (6C/2500) Teal  became one of the final  Teals to be built.
Phillip’s unique Teal was built on the latest, lowered  Teal Type 35B chassis, with  Granada front suspension and steering.   This  delightful sporting motor  car was briefly owned in 2009 by John Williams, in whose time these photos were taken (thank you), and then became the proud property of  A. Halabi, who has been driving this Teal in central London for the past three years, which must have  turned quite a few heads…
Below: Phillip and Jennifer Searle say farewell to their unique and lovely Teal Type 35B.
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