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Reg No VV5072
Car type type 35
Colour Dark Blue
Current engine Triumph 2.5
Current owner Richard Ashton,Lowestoft. TOC Member
Previous owner none
Orig owner  
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  Marchal Headlights, 1934 Riley wire wheels.
Many Tealers will have read in Teal Spiel or on this website  of Richard Ashton of Lowestoft  and his construction over  recent  years of a new Teal  Type 35 boattail.   The modified chassis was from Norman Durban and took account of the SVA regulations re steeering and dashboard profile.    The bodywork  consisted  initially only of the last Dicky Dawes boat tail, an engine-turned bulkhead and a dashboard with the regulation bevelled lower edge; the rest of the body was built by Mike Hall , a master of the  wheeling machine.  Richard and an experienced  friend then started  to constuct the Teal  to address the many needs of SVA/IVA – a considerable challenge.This has involved  engineering skills, a good eye, sound judgement, infinite  patience and not least the flexibility to adjust designs to meet all the requirements of safety necessary to register a new car nowadays; that Richard has overcome all difficulties to produce the beautiful dark blue Teal VV 5072 (above and below) is a tribute to his determination, skill  and persistence.
Happily this lovely Teal passed all tests and was launched onto the Suffolk roads this Summer. Richard then led a group of delighted Tealers round the East Anglian Ramble from  Lowestoft Royal Norfolk and Suffolk Yacht Club  to Southwold this September…
Congratulations on creating this beautiful Teal, Richard, which is a credit to you and to our Club.
More Teals to come….on the next Teal of The Week 81-100 page – hope you’re enjoying this great variety of individual, attractive sporting cars…



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