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Reg No VNJ549H
Car type  
Current engine 1745 Beetle
Current owner Russ Steele, TOC Member as at 2022
Previous owner  
Orig owner  
Further info

A selection of photos from my Italy trip- the last time i used her in anger so to speak. Nothing has changed.
Name: La Grange.
Manufacturer: Replicar.
Based on: 1970 VW Beetle.
Engine: 1745cc Beetle with electronic ignition & twin carbs (for the Alpine snow).
Upgrades from purchase: too many!  What can be seen;
Replica Bugatti rear lights+ faux radiator water temp gauge. 
Removal of exhaust & custom stainless one re-routed & installed.
Cockpit trim & seating.
Genuine Bugatti Marchal copper backed headlights & bulbs (yellow so rubbish visibility).
Austin Healey stainless spoked wheels.
Decals & sign written scripts.


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