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Reg No UL-BT-350
Car type type 35
Colour blue
Current engine Triumph 6 cylinder 2500
Current owner Wolfgang Knupfer, Germany
Previous owner  
Orig owner  
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One of our finest Teal Type 35 boat-tails  is owned by Dr Wolfgang Knupfer, keen Tealer and loyal TOC member, and is located near Ulm in  the beautiful  Baden-Wurtenburg  region of  southern Germany.   Wolfgang has owned her for three years ( ex Don Jenkin, Cornwall ), and has done quite a bit of work on her over the winter ( see  below):
In the workshop
She is equipped with  a 2500cc 6-cylinder Triumph motor  (130 bhp) with four-speed box and overdrive  on 3rd and 4th, new sky-blue wire wheels (Tealer Hector Martin drove over from Amsterdam to Wolfgang’s to pick up the old wheels,  have them refurbished and re-tyred, and David Ward has now fitted them to Hector’s Teal – ex-Gigi), a Bugatti steering wheel, and beautiful proportions.
Wolfgang is doing more work on her this spring ( a little different from dentistry), and promises us more photos when all is  complete.  Meanwhile, here is this lovely Teal to enjoy – an Ode to Joy, as Schiller would have told us…or as Keats would have it ‘a thing of beauty is a joy forever’.  She’s a delight, Wolfgang; thanks for the photos.

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