Car history


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Reg No TVM485S
Car type type 35, believed with trailer
Colour yellow
Current engine 1800
Current owner ?? Stuart Sackerson
Previous owner Dicky Dawes, Frome
Orig owner  
Further info see below  Regn is Teal of the Week number 38

TEAL OF THE WEEK No 38 (and a half)
The unusual yellow Teal and Teal trailer belong to Dicky Dawes of Frome, Somerset, one of the key figures in Teal history, who made most of the aluminium boat tails for Bob Jones’ (and our) Teals.  The trailer, also formed from a Teal tail is, as far as we know, unique.  And pretty useful on Teal trips for clothes, spares, food, wine and other necessities.
Dicky Dawes was an artist in aluminium, who could form almost any shape required with accuracy and artistry. For instance, although no longer working now,  he created six years ago the attractive and effective cowl intake on the starboard side of Andy Dutton’s bonnet for his twin SU carbs.  Have a look next time you’re alongside La Tecla….
Does anyone know where this unique yellow  Teal (and trailer) are now?


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