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Reg No TIG4435
Car type Four seater
Colour Pale Blue
Current engine 1800
Current owner John Draper, Chipping Camden
Previous owner David Brown, Rickmansworth
Orig owner  
Further info see below
  Formerly Teal of the Week 64




Many Tealers will know the attractive and unique Teal known as The Cream Cracker (TOW No 64), recovered from Belgium by David Brown ; she is now being marketed by Total Head Turners of Essex, and instead of being cream (which she has been for the past 25 years), she has now been painted blue…  Did I mention the price? 














Below car at David Ward’s garage about 2018 isa, then owned by David Brown



Some people don’t like this change much; but I rather like the blue, and especially the Cambridge/Oxford blue contrast  of the rear trunk.  But other changes have also been made, notably the increase in wheel size to 18 inches  from the original; it looks nice, but an expert Teal engineer wonders whether when turning the front tyres will rub  on the massive front wings (see first two photos to compare); and also whether on a bumpy road the vertical movement of the wheels will now destroy the wings.  Any views on this on the Forum, please….




Extracted from “Teal Cars – Origins and types”

A Unique Teal

Bob Jones has sent two photos of a one-off Teal built with and for Peter Farrell; it’s a four-seater Teal with doors and flared wings. The Teal was built at Peter’s request, and also acted as a test bed to see if it was feasible to fit doors to the four-seater chassis. Bob felt that the chassis flex was too great, and did not continue with the idea, except, of course, on the Teal Type 44, which is a completely different car. This photo of Peter and his wife Margaret with their unique Teal may have been taken at the 1988 Stafford Show. The 2-door, 4-seater has not been assigned a Teal Type number, but is sometimes called The Cream Cracker. This car has spent 10 years or so in Belgium, but is now happily home again, initially in Hertfordshire.

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