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Reg No YKD371J
Car type Type 59
Colour dark blue
Current engine  
Current owner  
Previous owner  
Orig owner Peter Cahill
Further info see below
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NOTE: BUILT BY TED RILEY, see following email from Brian Crook

Good News, Cap’n

When Ted Riley drove his GPB 59 around his home area of Kildrummy in N Scotland in later years he had a number plate on this beautiful machine of Y K D  371  J   
I have a photo of this car with that number plate when he won a prize at the local Kildrummy car show. I will send this photo plus a couple more to you.
I applaud your logical and determined efforts to document the Teal diaspora.
Good health to you, happily, Brian .
Further note from Editor, skyblueteal.  This is not a gpb59, but recorded at DVLA as a Teal.
There is only one car registered at DVLA as a GPB59, and that is registered as LIW3720

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