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Reg No GGW590N
Car type type 59
Colour blue
Current engine 4.2
Current owner Mr Tominari, Japan, see 
Previous owner  
Orig owner  
Further info see below
The Teal Type 59, designed by Bob Jones as a homage to the fabled  Bugatti Type 59, is small, very fast and  most  attractive.  In 1994 a Japanese journalist living in Britain, Mr T. Tominari,  bought a Jaguar-powered straight six 4.2 litre Teal Type 59 (delivered to him in Reading from Projects of Distinction  by Bob Lewis, who built this fine sporting car ),  and shipped it back to Japan when he left UK.  Here Mr Tominari  is enjoying this beauty in Britain , and nearly 20 years later (below) here is the same Teal Type 59 spotted outside a smart restaurant  in Tokyo…this year (2015), Bob Lewis met up with Mr Tominari in Tokyo and viewed the Type 59 in its garage there;  full circle.

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