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Reg No TEA159
Car type type 59
Colour blue
Current engine 3.8 s type jaguar 1966
Current owner David Brown
Previous owner Jean Marie Marechal
Orig owner D Huntley
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Made by Bob Jones, supplied May 1995 minus engine to Derek Huntley, Sunderland

Subsequently fitted with a Mark 2 S type engine, as opposed to the more normal XJ6. This entailed new engine mounts.

From the look of the numerous engineering bills during 1995/6 the fitting of the engine and finishing the build, done by Royle and Co, Darlington, seems to have been lengthy. 


Following a catastrophic engine failure in August 2019 at 19200 miles the engine was completely rebuilt by L E Cramer Motor Engineers, Watford



Extract from TOC records.

Prescott 2021 or 2022

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