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See end of page for date last updated    email Clare Tudor Parry (TOC Member) has paid a deposit on this. 6/5/24

Reg No RTT626W
Car type type 35
Colour blue
Current engine Triumph 2000 
Current owner Clare Tudor Parry May 2024
Previous owner Stephen Childs, as at 2022
Orig owner  
Further info see below
  Former Teal of the week 150

6 Pictures provided by Stephen Childs 2023





 TOW 150





New Teal of the Week No 150 






Re-discovered in Somerset this month (August 2016) is this early Teal Type 35, fibreglass but with a steel bonnet; unusually for an early car it is  complete with a Triumph 6-cylinder 2000 cc motor, and is for sale at £10,000….




 If you’d like to discuss buying  RTT626 W, our new Teal of the Week No 150,  call  evenings or weekends on  07856 055226 .


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