Car History


Car type…….             type 35 2 seater  

Current Owner                 Paul Durban, T.O.C., son of Norman

Previous owner              Norman Durban, Teal Owners Club        Deceased 2017

Original owner                       As above, builder,

Current engine           Triumph 6 cylinder, bored out to 2.7 ptrs

Body type                         Aluminium, 2 seater                  


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When Bob Jones decided to sell Teal Cars in 1996, it was Norman Durban who purchased  the company name, together with the right to build Teal Type 35s; this is Norman’s personal Teal, known as April after the registration  plate RPA1L. Norman had been a long-time Teal enthusiast, and took his Teal April on many a cross-Europe sporting rally, such as the Liege-Rome-Liege, participating with his son with some success.  Hence he became known as ‘Stormin’ Norman’ to the rally enthusiasts.
April was fitted with a 6-cylinder, triple SU Triumph 2500cc engine which gave her good pulling power; the front suspension was given a cleaner, simpler line, and it was hoped Teals such as April would continue to be built and sold…
Publicity was excellent, but a combination  of problems for Norman Durban about this time, not least the introduction of  more rigorous safety requirements under the Individual Vehical Assessment,   meant that few Teals were built beyond 1998, when Bob Jones  completed building the Teals for which he had taken orders.

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