Car history

Reg No VBV403L
Car type Four seater, glass fibre
Colour Blue
Current engine BL 1800cc
Current owner ?David W Forrester, Westoning, Beds
Previous owner Brian Minter, Harpenden
Orig owner Ian Foster/Maggie Foster
Further info One of the very first, if not the first glass fibre four seaters. 

Last V5 issued June 2007 Last taxed June 2005


Teal of the Week number 32
Ian Foster only built one GRP Teal four seater, and this unique Teal is pictured here with Maggie, Ian’s lovely wife, at the wheel; indeed the car was reserved for Maggie’s use by Ian.  Note the unusual and attractive mudguards…
…and comfy-looking  bucket seats.  This is an attractive and historic Teal, made by Ian in 1985,  and Maggie would love to know where it is now; if you know, please email us.
This Teal was later transferred to Bob Jones, who of course created aluminium-bodied Teals.  Here Bob Lewis’s dad sits in the Teal.  Was it rebodied in aluminium by Bob Jones, then sold?   Can anyone help?  Wherever it is, it’s a pretty lovely early Teal.

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