Car history

Reg No HKA940N
Car type type 35
Colour Blue
Current engine BLMC1800
Current owner ?
Previous owner Keith Lidgerwood up to Jan 2013
Orig owner Ian Foster
Further info Former Teal of the Week 10/11

A well travelled car indeed.

Last seen on Total Headturners Sale website in January 2013

TEALS OF THE WEEK – 10 and 11


Keith Lidgerwood has been an enthusiastic Tealer, building, refurbishing and driving Teals for some 25 years…he is no longer with us (sadly) but is well-remembered in the Teal Club for his energetic support of Teals (and Replicars)…Here is his Le Mistral on the 2010 Pennines Run:



This is Le Mistral as she now is; the Teal, also called HKA for short, was the personal car built in 1984 by Ian Foster, the founder of Teal cars, initially with a GRP body, smaller 14″ alloy wheels and racing screens (see below); but when Bob Jones bought the Teal company and started making all-aluminium bodied Teals, Ian Foster had HKA re-bodied in aluminium by Bob; over the years HKA acquired a windscreen, and Keith  fitted the fine Motor Wheel Services 18″ wire wheels with Blockley tires all round.  She goes like the wind after which she is named…
HKA 30 Years Ago….
Keith’s round the bend on the Backbone Teal Pennine Tour, driving Teal Number One (now christened Le Mistral), the very first Teal ever built (1984), originally owned by the founder of Teal Cars, Ian Foster, and now rebodied in aluminium, and fully restored.

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