Car history

Reg No FIL1648 formerly MTD239L
Car type Type 35
Colour Blue
Current engine Nissan Sylvia 1800
Current owner Phil and Dot Massey, Eccles
Previous owner Bought from Bob Jones November 1992
Orig owner  
Further info see below
  Formerly MTD239R and Teal of the Week No. 1.







Dot and Phil Massey’s elegant and well-travelled Teal Type 35 two-seater boat tail.  This fine Teal was built by Bob Jones for Dot and Phil in 1992/93, and they have taken it all over the UK, on the Lands End to John O’ Groats Spider Run 1 (2007) and the reverse (2014), the Triangle Run, led the Pennines Backbone Run twice, as well as numerous other rallies, and driven in this Teal to Angouleme, The Picos of Northern Spain, the Molsheim former Bugatti Factory and the Schlumpf classic car museum as well as many Pas de Calais and Normandy runs. Dot has been for many years  a  very fine Club Membership Secretary and Treasurer, ably backed throughout by cheerful Phil.  Thank you both.

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