Car history

Reg No FIB731       ‘The Toad’
Car type type 35
Colour Red
Current engine 1800
Current owner Sue and Howard ??
Previous owner Bobby Knut
Orig owner Bobby Knut, bought from Teal
Further info Former Teal of the Week 46


TEAL  OF THE WEEK  –  Number 46
Sue and Howard’s Yorkshire-based Teal, affectionately known as Toad, is a cracker.  Purchased from the south coast some five years ago, Sue in particular has worked tirelessly to bring Toad  to a high standard of mechanical performance and attractiveness.  Sue and Howard had a dramatic introduction to Tealing in a major storm and drenching downpour while trial Tealing at Robin Hood’s Bay about six years ago, when a dozen of us nearly got drowned (it seemed) in a relentless, sustained deluge  while negotiating steep rural lanes in zero visibility with minimal braking.  Strength of character showed, however,  because soon afterwards Toad was purchased….
Sue and Howard have  taken  part in several  local rallies and competitions, and their hard work has been rewarded with  a number of  prizes for this good-looking Teal Type 35 boat tail…
Footnote: distinguished Tealer Neil Bridges reminds me that this fine Type 35 was once the Teal of notable  TOC Club member, Teal tourer, comedian and Emmerdale star Bobby Knutt, who took a full and active part in many Teal activities  in the 1990s… thanks, Neil.

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