Car history

Reg No EIB811
Car type Teal Four Seater
Colour blue or green
Current engine BLMC 1800
Current owner Glen Ibbotson, TOC Member, known as “Captain Sensible”

Lord only knows why !!

Previous owner John Tyler, Market Drayton
Orig owner  
Further info Formerly TEJ369T and Teal of the Week




Glen and Maggie’s ‘Captain Sensible’ fine four-seater Teal has led the way (with them) on numerous  Teal runs and adventures, to France, to Germany, to Spain, to Cornwall, to Wales, to Shropshire to The Peaks, to Yorkshire (often), to the Lakes and to Scotland.  This glorious Teal (Glen and Maggie’s  third) is full of character (like them – below), well patinated (like Glen), and is the source of constant public  awe and interest every time we stop on a Teal rally, and also when we don’t.  Under the pseudonym Captain Sensible Glen writes informed, scurrilous and highly amusing articles for Teal Spiel, revealing  a deep love of the Teal, and the many happy encounters which Teals bring us all both at home and abroad…See one page from the end of this website for Glen’s terrible tales of Tealing – a delight!

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