Car history

Reg No EIB4342
Car type type 35
Colour blue
Current engine Rover 2 litre O series
Current owner ?? See below, Royal Caribbean Lines
Previous owner Jack Hilton
Orig owner Jack Hilton built it, bought from Teal Cars 1989
Further info Spax adjustable dampers and cylinder head gas flowed by owner JH
This car was Teal of the Week number 27  –  see



Above, Jack Hilton, below is the cruising life.
This is a rather unusual situation for a Teal: outside a cafe/restaurant in the main entertainments area on board  a cruise ship….
Several Tealers who love cruisin’ have noticed this rather attractive Type 35 on board “The Navigator of The Seas” in the main concourse. A  Teal badge  is displayed low down at the front.  Do any Tealers recognize this attractive car? (PS: Andy and Colin both believe the maritime Teal was previously  owned by Jack Hilton.)
The Teal bears a classic Teal numberplate with Ettore Bugatti’s initials, and has fine lines (and brake covers, rather like Andy Dutton’s and Jeff Turner’s ) .  Let’s hope one day soon she will be released from playing the role of The Flying Dutchman, endlessly wandering the seas without a crew, and return happily to the roads of Britain with a stalward Tealer at the helm… The ship belongs to Royal Caribbean Lines if you want to make an offer.



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