Car history

Reg No MCW87J
Car type type 35
Colour Dark blue
Current engine 2000 Triumph 6 cylinder
Current owner Not known
Previous owner Brian MacGregor
Orig owner  
Further info see below.


***Latest, see email David Ward  1/2/2023
I had a  Graham Edmunds contact thru the f/b page  in 2021
He was selling a car on the behalf of a terminally ill friend, i asked him how he got on, hopefully he can find a reg or a photo for me 
Hi David. I sold the car to a chap from the Scottish Isles. The previous owner Brian MacGregor ( sadly deceased) of Hayling Island). It was a well built car and Brian owned it for many years. Sadly his illness prevented use of and maintenance of the car in later years. I unsiezed the brakes, towed it home and got it to run from a temporary fuel supply. However the chap who bought it knew what he was getting into and it went straight to a repairer, for ignition, carb, cooling system, brake and all rubber parts repair or replacement.
TEAL OF THE WEEK – No 84 – Goodwood
At Goodwood in 2008 I noticed this fine dark blue Teal Type 35….
and the dark beauty was there again in 2011, snapped by another Tealer…
This is a very lovely and attractive Teal, which I feel I  ought to  know, but don’t;  can anyone educate me  – do you   know the car and the owner of this handsome Type 35 boat-tail, Teal of the Week No 84, with an unusual Teal radiator badge and large Teal art deco badge above the numberplate?
PostScript:  The Club Secretary, Andy Dutton, remembers seeing this handsome Teal being constructed in the Barrow-in-Furness area in 1998 by Colin McIntyre , guided by Ian Foster.   The Type 35 was for sale in 2006/7 issues of Teal Spiel, advertised as having a 6C/2000 Triumph engine with electronic ignition, exchange Rimmer gear box with overdrive, and  a stainless steel exhaust .  The body panel fitting, running gear set up and wiring were supervised or done by Ian Foster; this must have been one of the last Teals on which he worked.
TOC Newsletter July 2007 page 6 This car on sale for £12500 by Colin McIntyre

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