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Reg No FIB941
Car type type 35
Colour blue
Current engine 2ltr Triumph
Current owner Vincent Hambleton-Grey
Previous owner Ben Trumble, see below
Orig owner  
Further info see below
Ben Trumble was a central figure in Teal  events for more than 20 years, owning two Type 35s and a Type 59, and covering large distances across Europe to Germany, Austria, Switzerland,  Italy, France and Spain.  Ben’s Teal story began in 1986 when he built his first GRP Teal (Dizzy I), which he soon had converted to an all aluminium body by Bob Jones, before setting out for his first Continental tour in 1988. The next year he set up Northern Classic Sports Cars in Leeds, became an agent for Bob Jones, and built many Teals with his small team of three.  He was then tempted by the beautiful Teal Type 59, and thoroughly enjoyed it, but found space limited for his extensive Continental touring, so he then built his Teal Type 35 Dizzy II (above), which he entered in the Beaujolais Nouveau run of 1991, visiting the old GP circuit of Reims on the way down (below), and used this Teal to tour Europe extensively for the next 16 years.
Ben moved to France as a  restorer  of fine french houses, and bought himself a replica Supermarine Spitfire aircraft.  His Teal  Dizzy II became less used, and in 2007 when an expensive new propellor was required, Dizzy II had to go – sold happily back to UK to a lawyer in Surrey.  This brief summary   does little justice to Ben Trumble’s   eventful and adventurous time with Teals, so please go to the page of this website titled   ‘Thrilling Teals by Ben Trumble’   for a fuller version written in Ben’s own vivid words, with more photos.





 ENW 215 K on the front cover of a 1998 Teal Newsletter; where is she now? The Answer came within hours from David: she is the ex-Ben Trumble Dizzy, currently in Egham – wizard!  Thanks to the Teal Detective…Numberplates vary in the Teal World, with re-registration freqent.



Just back from the Beaujolais run.

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