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Reg No EIG1270
Car type Four seater
Colour Blue
Current engine  
Current owner Ian Dewey, TOC Member. per telephone 6/5/2024 still got it.
Previous owner  
Orig owner  
Further info  


Former Teal of the Week number 12  –  subsequently sold to a buyer in Essex, as per Neil Bridges January 2024
This handsome  four-seater  Teal is  ‘Phoenix’, Neil Bridges’  third Teal sports and touring car.  Neil (also handsome)  is a respected member of the Teal Owners’ Club, due to his considerable technical knowledge, his long experience of the differing characteristics of  a number of Teals, and his amusing company.   Neil greatly enjoys his motoring, and was  seen on Teal rallies all over this country and also in France.  Neil has also owned a  lovely dark-green Teal four-seater (below) and a pale-blue early two-seater Teal (also below), as well as a Mike King Bugatti replica, and is therefore well versed in engine tuning, cross country navigation (with Pam) and, only if strictly necessary, socialising on Teal evenings.  Neil and Pam are happy company, and leading  members of our  Teal Club,  and now drive a Mazda MX5.







Neil and Pam Bridges’ impressive Teal Type 35 four-seater ‘Phoenix’finely decorated for a friend’s wedding…. 





Neil says one could make a fair living using a Teal four-seater for weddings, if it wasn’t for…. 




 …the insurance costs.  Doesn’t Phoenix look well in Oxford and Cambridge blue paintwork? The day was lovely and sunny, but you probably noticed in photo 1 that Neil had the wet-weather option covered near the spare wheel.


On another occasion in Cheshire Neil and Pam are  seen arranging a hedge fund with Bob and Wendy…. 





before departing from Sorbie in style …






Cheerful Pam and Neil have owned at least three Teals and Mike King Bugatti Replicas, and are well-loved stalwarts of the Teal Owners’ Club rallies and social events.  Neil is also a skilled pilot and musician. We salute them. 





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