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Bit of an oddity this one,   Former Teal of the Week 28 “Garden of Eden” film star.


While we’re on the subject of Teals in unusual places, here’s a fine Teal purporting to be a Bugatti Type 35 in the Hollywood film “The Garden of Eden” .
The ‘Bugatti’ was one of the main stars of the film, shot in sunlit southern France and Spain in 2007. The film was based on the semi-autobiographical novel The Garden of Eden  by Ernest Hemingway, in which a newly-married young author is given a Bugatti Type 35 as a wedding gift by his wealthy and attractive young wife, and they take the car on a hot and steamy honeymoon, where they meet another pretty girl who is attracted to both of them… 
also below BDZ895
Here’s  the Teal “Bugatti”  at  the film premiere,  the pretty firm front mudguard supporting a pretty,  firm rear.  And here (below) is the original Teal which starred in many  sequences of the film, particular a long tracking shot crossing a dry, dusty sunbaked Spanish valley, with an extensive  trail of dust rising behind her  – she looked a pretty convincing Bugatti to me.
Do any Tealers recognise the car or the number plate? Note the high rear view mirror and black wire wheels…

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