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Reg No GFC778N
Car type Type 35
Colour Blue
Current engine BLMC 1300
Current owner Ernest Neill, High Wycombe, deceased. Son Roger may be taking it over as at 22/1/2023
Previous owner From new
Orig owner  
Further info see below
  Former Teal of the Week, see
Tealer Ernest Neill was one of the very  early  members of the Teal Owners’ Club, and built his Teal (Blue Arrow) with son Roger’s help.   Ernest has been a keen  supporter of numerous  Teal events, particularly around Uxbridge, but also including the  epic  Spider run, and is now quite a senior member, often driving to events with his son.   The photo of Ernest  below was taken some 20 years ago….
…as well as Ernest at the wheel  on the Brooklands banking, among the Teals  pictured are those  of  Norman Durban (RPAIL sometimes called April), Cliff Sedman, Neil Ramsay, Andy Dutton, Peter Fenn and Mike Birch (Type 59 with luggage rack) and an  unknown with spat-type rear mudguards (anyone know whose?).
Andy Dutton has also sent this picture of Tealers at Brooklands on a different occasion  in 1994, with Ernest at back right.  But how many other Tealers can you spot and name?  And who’s the good-looking young chap in the silver Teal front left?


Below:  The Blue Arrow, Ernest’s Teal Type 35 parked up on Spider Run 1 (2007):




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