George built his lovely Teal in his brother’s garage in Lincolnshire – it also enjoyed the sunny life in Haute-Vienne, France, but George and his Type 35 have done lots of travelling in between, and are now (2015) back in lovely Lincolnshire. Here are just a few photos showing some of the fun to be had in a Teal….

Building the Teal Type 35 in Skegness, Lincolnshire:

George’s fine Teal Type 35 in France:

Teal Adventures in Rheims, Molsheim, Angouleme and Spain:

George and Ellen Rainsford’s delightful home and mill in the Haute-Vienne, not far from Limoges. George and Ellen are now (2015) back in Lincolnshire. Here’s the Teal Type 35’s stable companion restored by George – the pretty and immaculate frog-eye Sprite:

Thank you, George, for these excellent photos of Teals and Tealers on tour; only a few pictures had to be held back to protect the innocent…

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