This series of photos shows the sequence of Andy Dutton’s construction of his fine Teal Type 35 boat-tail in 1994/95. Andy shows just what a beauty can be produced in a limited space given the right quality components, enthusiasm and skill; the sequence ends with Andy’s T35 with other Teals on the banking at Brooklands – a most appropriate location. Andy and June Dutton’s fine 2.5 litre Type 35 has been at least eight times to the Le Mans 24-Hour race, to the Circuit des Ramparts at Angouleme, has completed the Land’s End to John O’ Groats Spider run, and headed for Wales and then Robin Hood’s Bay on the Teal 2008 Triangular Run. Andy and June’s ‘La Tecla’ is named after the Bugatti Type 35A road going version of the great Type 35 Grand Prix, has about 30,000 miles under its belt and is driven in the summer season only. In 2007 Andy and June left Angouleme in central France mid morning, and arrived home north of London before midnight – an epic trip for a fine Teal. More photos of La Tecla can be seen on the Teals at Angouleme 2008 page of this website – a great adventure!

Late-summer 1994: picking up the chassis from Bob Jones in Altrincham

home and dry – now the construction begins

The Triumph from which the 2.5 litre engine was taken

the gearbox (4 speed plus overdrive) was refurbished and is now fitted

Shiny new pedals installed

the wiring going in

Teal coming together

The aluminium boat tail

inside the boat tail

body work fitted

Inching out

After twelve months the Teal Type 35 boat-tail is nearly complete

the spare wheel will shortly be fitted

In the cockpit – fine Bugatti steering wheel

Head on Teal – note the then registration number

New Teal, new registration number, new colour

Teal with Honey

Second on the grid – Andy Dutton’s Teal at Brooklands with fellow Tealers


In 2005 Andy decided to fit the bigger and more effective inlet manifold to the Triumph 2.5 engine, and the larger HS6 SU carburettors. This necessitated cutting a hole in the right bonnet and shaping a papier-mach� bonnet bulge. Andy took this to Dicky Dawes of Frome (a former Teal owner, and maker of boat tails for Bob Jones), who shaped the bulge in aluminium and rivetted it to the bonnet of La Tecla. The neat and effective result is shown below:

With this combination of larger inlet manifold, HS6 SUs and a sporty camshaft Andy gets about 110bhp from the Triumph 2.5 engine, which also gives splendid torque from low revs in a high gear right the way up, making for comfortable cross-country touring.

On the September 2008 Angouleme/Spain run Andy had an intermittent problem with his radiator overheating, caused initially by the failure of the thermostatic fan control, overcome by by-passing the cutout to enable the fan to run continuously; later the problem recurred due to long mountain climbs in the Pyrenees at high revs with thin air supply, but amended routes and a spare water bottle brought Andy and June safely home. This winter 2008/2009 Andy has replaced his radiator system totally, and these photos show the elegant solution and installation:

Andy’s garage wall shows that his lovely Teal ‘La Tecla’ has travelled widely since its birth in the same garage in 1994….

At the same time,early 2009, Andy has added an authentic Bugatti steering wheel mounting to enhance the handsome cockpit.


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