These photos show just some of the stages of building a Teal – this fine Teal T35 boat tail was built in 1992/1993 in Binfield, Berkshire, The Teal then moved to Devon and to Cornwall and this lovely car is now owned by Hans Van Dijk and is the subject of the ‘Dutch Treat’ page of our website.

Front suspension fitted

Radiator shell fitted

Pedal box and pipework

steering linkage installed

steering rack fitted

clutch cylinder feed

Gearbox back from rebuild

Gearbox now located

Engine just back from full rebuild – looks great

Engine installed

First time off the axle stands

Bulkhead view

Doing the wiring

This was the worrying part

Some extra storage

Head lamps being wired up

All gleaming after paint burnishing

at Brooklands

The final result – a delightful Teal T35 Boat Tail

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